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Hiring globally during COVID-19:
Flexibility is key

Thanks to COVID-19, business as usual has done a complete 180. Technologies practiced in work expected to be commonplace a few years down the line are now a part of our every-day working lives. So, what does this mean for hiring globally during COVID-19?
Mark Baggs

Mark Baggs
Head of Global Expansion

COVID-19 and hiring globally don’t sound like they go hand in hand. However, with the acceleration of new technologies and an increasing need for businesses to be more adaptable, when done correctly hiring globally can have many benefits for a business.  

A major part of a new HR recovery strategy requires a more people focused approach. The less we see our teams face-to-face, the more important it is to communicate and ensure teams aren’t isolated. The same goes for the hiring process.

Hiring globally during a global pandemic comes with challenges. However, with appropriate risk management, local knowledge and contingency plans hiring successfully can be done.

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Test new markets

Before committing to a market, it’s important to test. What challenges does the country pose when it comes to recruitment? Different countries have different policies when it comes to payroll, benefits, compliance, health and safety etc. With Covid-19, these are susceptible to frequent change.

Setting up a foreign entity in-house is time consuming and expensive. Plus, it can be a substantial long-term commitment. This carries risk under normal circumstances, however during a pandemic a guaranteed return on investment can be difficult. As governments seek to focus on dealing with the health crisis, current policies regarding business may take a backseat.

By using a PEO to hire internationally, you can reduce your company’s financial, administration and legal costs and reduce risk. Plus, by outsourcing your employee onboarding you still maintain control of the day-to-day activities whilst all the arduous administrative complexities are left to your PEO.

By not setting up an entity abroad, companies are able to get employees compliantly mobilised in just days. A quick process enables a company to test the market. If the location is deemed appropriate, then an entity can be set up and employees transitioned. If not, this can be terminated in adherence to the country’s laws.

Hire flexibly

A flexible workforce is key for hiring post COVID-19. During a period of such uncertainty, there are several long-term benefits to hiring a flexible workforce. Money can be saved by paying people for the work needed. Plus, when it comes to hiring globally, flexibility is vital in order to adapt to an environment susceptible to so much change.

Share tips on how to interview successfully

With remote interviews and virtual onboarding being the new norm, this significant change can throw some people off. Providing a guideline with some tips on remote interviews and how the company will structure them can be highly beneficial. Tips can include good eye contact, having a decent quiet interview space etc.

By preparing people for interviews appropriately, you can be sure talented candidates don’t slip through the net.

Utilise technology

Technology in the HR sector has seen mass advancement in the past decade, but no more so than the period of the pandemic.

Since the pandemic, the growth of technology in the HR sector has accelerated exponentially. None more so arguably than artificial intelligence. The technology has the power to significantly improve the success of employee acquisition. From the auto-screening of candidates, to using algorithms to find the right candidate, using HR whilst hiring globally is a must.

With increasingly reliable information, businesses can make better, more informed decisions regarding the time, country and strategy behind global expansion. Plus, the technology allows for the automation of arduous time-consuming tasks, leaving businesses more time to focus on wider business strategy.

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