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Expanding with an EOR:
Why you should consider Poland

Poland has manifested itself as one of Europe's fastest-growing economies, positioning it as an ideal choice for businesses seeking global expansion prospects in the European Union.

Embarking on business expansion into untapped markets presents an exciting opportunity for growth and profitability. Poland, renowned for its sturdy economy, strategic geographic location, and proficient workforce, has emerged as an enticing destination for enterprises aspiring to broaden their operations. In this blog post, we’ll explore the reasons why businesses should consider expanding their operations to Poland and how they can take advantage of the support provided by an Employer of Record (EOR).

Why Poland?

Poland has manifested itself as one of Europe’s fastest-growing economies, positioning it as an ideal choice for businesses seeking global expansion prospects. Here are three pivotal reasons why businesses should consider expanding into Poland:

Robust Economy: Poland has sustained consistent economic growth over the past decade, boasting a stable GDP and a propitious business environment. The nation presents an extensive domestic market, attracting both local and foreign investors. By expanding into Poland, businesses can tap into a flourishing market, augmenting their sales and revenue.

Strategic Location: Nestled in the heart of Europe, Poland offers convenient access to other European Union (EU) markets. Its well-developed transportation infrastructure, with an extensive road and rail network, facilitates seamless expansion across Europe. Moreover, Poland’s EU membership guarantees access to a unified market and advantageous trade agreements with neighboring nations.

Skilled Workforce: Poland stands renowned for its highly skilled and educated workforce. The country’s educational system nurtures a substantial pool of talent spanning various industries. By venturing into Poland, businesses can harness this wellspring of expertise and strengthen their workforce capabilities. Furthermore, labor costs in Poland are comparatively lower than those in other Western European countries, rendering it an enticing destination for enterprises seeking cost-effective solutions.

Using an Employer of Record (EOR)

Venturing into new markets can entail a multitude of challenges such as legal compliance, HR management, and payroll administration. An EOR significantly reduces the burden of these challenges, while also aiding businesses to establish a legal presence in foreign territories (by assuming the role of the employer for all local recruits).

An EOR can facilitate businesses expanding into Poland by supporting in the following areas:

  • Legal Compliance: An EOR possesses profound knowledge of local labor laws, regulations, and employment practices, ensuring businesses’ compliance to all legal requirements. This encompasses handling employment contracts, tax obligations, social security contributions, and other legal aspects associated with hiring in Poland. Collaborating with an EOR enables businesses to mitigate the risks of non-compliance and concentrate on their core operations.
  • HR Management: Managing human resources in a foreign country is a complex endeavor, particularly regarding recruitment, onboarding, and employee benefits. An EOR diligently undertakes these responsibilities on behalf of the expanding business, providing comprehensive HR support throughout the entire employee lifecycle. This encompasses sourcing and hiring local talent, managing payroll and benefits, and handling employee relations. By leveraging the expertise of an EOR, businesses can streamline their HR processes, ensuring a seamless transition into the Polish market.
  • Flexibility and Scalability: One of the most notable advantages of partnering with an EOR is the inherent flexibility and scalability it affords. Businesses can swiftly scale up or down their operations in Poland without the need for establishing a legal entity or making long-term commitments. This flexibility proves particularly beneficial for businesses testing the market or seeking a cost-effective gateway to enter Poland. By enlisting the services of an EOR, businesses can focus on executing their expansion strategies while being provided with the necessary infrastructure and support.


Expanding into Poland presents a plethora of opportunities for businesses seeking growth and access to the European market. With its resilient economy, strategic geographic location, and skilled workforce, Poland provides a conducive environment for business expansion. 

By forging a partnership with Gibson Watts Global as their Employer of Record, businesses can navigate the complexities of international expansion in Poland, ensure compliance with local regulations, and focus on their core operations. 

To learn more about expanding your business into Poland, explore our Poland country guide. To begin your global expansion journey, contact us today.

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