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A leading economy in Latin America

Colombia’s location provides businesses with many advantages. It is the only country within South America with a coastline in the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans and the Caribbean Sea. This means the country has a wide scope for foreign trade and access to a large market. Further to this, Colombia can be accessed in less than six hours by plane from the main cities in the Americas.

Working in Colombia

Employment Information

  • The Labour Code established a maximum working schedule of eight hours a day, or 48 hours a week distributed over six working days. However, it can be agreed for employees to do 48 hours over five days a week with the purpose of taking Saturday as rest.
  • Employees have a minimum of 15 working days of holiday for each year of work.
  • Employees can have sick leave for the number of days as prescribed by a doctor, there isn’t a limit on this.
    • Employers can request a reimbursement of paid sick leave for over two days, so long as they’re up to date with their social security contributions.
  • Visas – These require a work permit to apply and are granted for up to three years for a Migrant visa and two for a Visitor.

Colombia's Workforce

The country has a skilled workforce, with a literary rate of 95%. A lot of Colombians are bilingual, with major cities including Bogota and Medellin having schools run by British Council and other well-known institutions including Berlitz and Colombo Americano. Further to this, the region has a significant skills gap, which provides opportunities for businesses and employees to access these markets and profit financially.

The business landscape of Colombia has a high reputation and has developed significantly over time. The government issued Resolution 312 in 2019, which established minimum standards for Occupational Health and Safety Management System Compliance. This helped create an organised and fair system of health and safety management for businesses.

Cultural Information

Spanish is the official language of Colombia, though an increasing number of businesses may have English speaking staff.

Roman Catholic is the most common religion in Colombia, according to a survey in 2018, nearly 74 percent of people claimed to be of catholic faith.


Impacts from COVID-19

Following the pandemic, the GDP of Colombia was projected to grow by 7.6% by the end of 2021, and then ease to 3.5% in 2022. This was boosted by private consumption and investment. Many Colombians now work remotely, whilst others have adopted a hybrid work approach.

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