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  • Halloumi, a globally loved cheese, originates from Cyprus. Real Cypriot halloumi is a must-try for visitors to the country
  • Cyprus was once given as a gift by Roman General Mark Antony, to Cleopatra, and it is considered the original ‘island of love’
  • Cyprus is the home to the oldest manufactured wine in the world, a sweet dessert wine known as Commandaria which has origins tracing back to 2000 BC

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Beautiful beaches, mountains and scenery

Cyprus has seen a steady increase of job opportunities since joining the European Union in 2004. As a tropical climate with a large English-speaking population, it’s no wonder that Cyprus has become a top destination for international businesses and expats.

The third largest island in the Mediterranean, Cyprus is renowned for its beautiful beaches, mountains and scenery. Cyprus is a safe and peaceful country for expats and provides relatively affordable living costs compared to other European countries.

Plus, if all that wasn’t enough, Cyprus also boasts one of the warmest climates in the European Union, enjoying roughly 320 days of sunshine each year.

Working in Cyprus

Employment Information

Cyprus has relatively lower taxes than other countries in the European Union and provides lenient fiscal policies for expats looking to relocate to the country. The island follows similar employment standards and legislation to other European countries.

Employee Leave

Sick Leave

  • Most employers won’t demand a sick note for any absence that’s less than three days
  • Generally, no payments are made during the first three days of an employee’s sick leave
  • After the three day period, a sick note must be provided for an employee to receive sick leave payments from the Ministry of Labour, Welfare and Social Insurance
  • Employers are lawfully able to terminate the employment of a worker who has been absent for more than 26 consecutive weeks, however most employers will connect their staff with doctors of their choice in order to properly assess their medical condition

Paid Leave

When it comes to paid vacation in Cyprus, employees who have worked 48 weeks within a year are entitled to a minimum of 4 weeks’ paid leave. Workers who complete 5 days per week are usually entitled to 20 days paid leave, and workers who complete 6 days a week will usually get 24 days of paid leave.

Parental Leave

New mothers are entitled to 18 consecutive weeks of maternity leave, 11 of these weeks are compulsory for the employer and the employee. These weeks should take place two weeks before the expected delivery date, the week of delivery and eight weeks preceding it. The Social Insurance Law ensures that women undergoing maternity leave receive a maternity allowance, and grants can also be accessed.

An employee whose partner has given birth, adopted, or had a child through a surrogate is also entitled to paternity leave for two consecutive weeks starting from the week of birth or adoption and ending after a period of 16 weeks. Employees are protected from dismissal during this period, but they must provide two weeks of notice to the employer before taking their leave.


Termination of Employment

Any employer, who intends to terminate the employment contract of their employee, after 26 weeks, must provide a minimum notice period depending on the length of the worker’s employment period to date.

  • 26 to 51 weeks = 1 week notice
  • 52 to 103 weeks = 2 weeks notice
  • 104 to 155 weeks = 4 weeks notice
  • 156 to 207 weeks = 5 weeks notice
  • 208 to 259 weeks = 6 weeks notice
  • 260 to 311 weeks = 7 weeks notice
  • 312 weeks and over = 8 weeks notice

If an employee is in a probationary period, or their employment period is less than 26 weeks, employers are not required to give any notice.

Employees also have an obligation to provide notice if they wish to terminate their employment. The conditions of this may vary depending on the nature of the employment contract, but generally will fall into the following:

  • 26 to 51 weeks = 1 week notice
  • 52 to 103 weeks = 2 weeks notice
  • 104 weeks and over = 4 weeks notice

Cultural Information

The primary language of Cyprus is Greek, however an estimated 95% of the population can speak English fluently. Road signs in Cyprus are usually displayed in both Greek and English.

Cyprus is a primarily Christian country, with this religious group making up around 78% of the total Cypriot population.

As a beautiful island in the Mediterranean, it’s no surprise that tourism is one of Cyprus’s primary industries, along with food and beverages, chemicals, metal products, and more.

Impacts from COVID-19

Working in Cyprus has experienced similar impacts from COVID-19 as other developed countries, with the majority of employers resorting to remote working and hybrid working patterns where possible.


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