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  • Ivory Coast is home to the world’s largest church. ‘The Basilica of Our Lady of Peace of Yamoussoukro’ covers an area of 33,000 square metres.
  • Football is the main sport of Ivory Coast, and the nation boasts many international players including Didier Drogba, Yaya Touré and Wilfred Bony.
  • Ivory Coast has two capital cities. Yamoussoukro is the political capital, and Abidjan is the economic capital (and largest city).

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Ivory Coast PEO Services

A beautiful nation on the south coast of West Africa

Working in Ivory Coast

Employment Information

As a developing country in West Africa, Ivory Coast provides a broad range of benefits for international businesses looking to establish a presence in the country. Cocoa and coffee are its two most notable industries; however, telecommunications, mining, textiles, service, and electrics are also significant industries here.

  • With a broad range of industries in Ivory Coast, working hours and days can be diverse between sectors
  • Ivory Coast utilises a progressive income tax system, depending on the amount that an employee earns, income tax can vary from 10% up to 60%
  • The corporation tax rate is 25% in Ivory Coast, although this increases to 30% for businesses in IT and telecommunications sectors
  • Employees and employers must both contribute towards the Ivory Coast Social Security System
  • Workers in Ivory Coast must secure healthcare insurances when operating in the country

Hiring in the Ivory Coast

Businesses in Ivory Coast are encouraged to recruit local skills from within the country, however, where shortages exist, international talent can be recruited. Vacancies must be declared to AGEPE (Agence d’études et de promotion de l’emploi) and promoted for at least a month in a national newspaper with a large circulation. If this fails to attract a local candidate, then businesses are permitted to explore international talent.

Should an international worker take a job offer in Ivory Coast, they must contact the relevant administrative services for a work card within three months.

  • For fixed-term contracts, a visa for a period of 24 months is issued
  • For open-ended contracts, long-term visas are issued

Some exceptions to these rules include non-national workers who are paid based on results (unless they are employees), any executive-level corporate officers, domestic workers, and labourers in the agricultural industries.

Cultural Information

Ivory Coast is an extremely religiously diverse country. A 2014 census found that the most common religions were Islam and Christianity, and traditional religions also maintain a strong influence on the country’s beliefs.

The Ivorian state and public education system are secular by law, and are strongly related to European values.

Ivory Coast’s official language is French, though an estimated 78 languages are spoken across the multilingual nation.

Impacts from COVID-19

Flexible and fully remote working has grown significantly following the COVID-19 pandemic, and it looks set to continue. This shift has been particularly prevalent in information technology, telecommunications, and other similar industries.


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