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    • Serbia’s capital city, Belgrade, is one of the oldest cities in Europe, with excavated artefacts dating back at least 7,000 years

    • Serbia is producer of the world’s most expensive cheese, called Pule – it is made from Balkan donkey milk and costs $1,300 per kilogram

    • It is thought the word “vampire” is Serbian in origin, and therefore the most widely spoken Serbian word around the world!

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Serbia EOR Services

Background on Serbia

Working in Serbia

Employment Info

Working Hours

  • Standard working hours are 40 hours per week, typically spread over five days.
  • Overtime is regulated and should not exceed 8 hours per week.

Holiday / Sickness Allowances

  • Annual Leave: Employees are entitled to a minimum of 20 days of paid annual leave.
  • Sick Leave: Employees are entitled to paid sick leave, which is typically covered by the employer for the first 30 days, after which the state covers the cost.

Maternity / Paternity Allowances

  • Maternity Leave: Women are entitled to 365 days of maternity leave, which includes 28 days before the expected due date.
  • Paternity Leave: Fathers are entitled to 7 days of paid leave for the birth of a child, with potential for longer unpaid leave.


  • Income Tax: The flat income tax rate is 10%.
  • Social Security Contributions: Employees contribute 19.9% of their gross salary to social security, while employers contribute 17.9%.


  • Foreign nationals need a work permit and a temporary residence permit to work in Serbia. These can be obtained through the employer.

Public Holidays

  • New Year’s Day – 1st / 2nd January
  • Christmas Day – 7th January (the Serbian Orthodox Church uses the Julian Calendar)
  • Statehood Day – 15th / 16th February
  • Great Friday
  • Easter Monday
  • Labour Day – 1st / 2nd May
  • Armistice Day – 11th November

Cultural Information

  • Religions: The majority religion is Eastern Orthodox Christianity, followed by Roman Catholicism, Islam, and other minor religions.
  • Languages: The official language is Serbian. English is widely spoken, especially in business and younger populations.

Impact of Covid-19

Remote/Hybrid Working: The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated the adoption of remote and hybrid working models in Serbia. Many companies now offer flexible working arrangements.

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