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Working in Slovakia

Employment Information

Working Hours

  • 40 hour working weeks are standard in Slovakia, however this may vary depending on contract specifications
  • Each year, between 150 and 400 overtime hours can be worked on annually
  • Higher payments are usually provided for overtime work, and this may be more if the employee has worked overtime on a public holiday
  • In Slovakia, employees are entitled to a minimum 20 days of paid annual leave up until the age of 33, employees who are older than 33 receive a minimum of 25 days paid leave
  • Most contracts will have a probationary 3-month period where no notice period is required. The notice period is usually 1 month within a 1-year contract, and 2 months after 1 year of employment

Contributions and Taxation

  • Employees are required to contribute 4% of their salary towards Health Insurance, employers must contribute an additional 10%
  • Employees and employers must both contribute 1.4% of the gross salary towards Sickness Insurance, 3% towards Invalidity Insurance and 1% towards Unemployment Insurance
  • Employees must contribute 4% towards their Retirement Insurance, employers must contribute 14%
  • Employers are also required to contribute 0.25% towards a Guarantee Fund, 4.75% towards a Reserve Fund, and 0.8% towards Accident Insurance
  • Social Security makes up the largest contribution for both parties, with employees required to contribute 9.4% and employers 25.2% respectively
  • The basic income tax rate is 19%, which is applicable for a salary up to around EUR 36,256. Any income exceeding this is subject to a tax rate of 25%

Cultural Information

Folk traditions and music are a key element of Slovakian culture, and the people here are extremely welcoming to expatriates. Slovakia was historically a part of Communist Czechoslovakia, which separated into the Czech Republic and Slovakia in 1993, a lot of history from this period can be discovered around Slovakia.

Most of Slovakia’s population adhere to Catholicism (around 63%), and the nation has an overall population of 5.459 million. Bratislava is the capital of Slovakia, and most of the country’s business takes place here. Slovak is the official language of Slovakia, and English speaking is continuously growing in prevalence each year.

Impacts from COVID-19

Slovakia has been successful in controlling the spread of COVID-19 during the pandemic, keeping cases low throughout its duration. Many employers and workers have opted to work from home during the pandemic, and in many industries this trend is looking likely to continue.

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