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As a Global PEO & EOR service provider, we pride ourselves on our global reach, in-country knowledge, and ability to swiftly and efficiently mobilize workers around the world. Our robust PEO/EOR covers everything from global HR, payroll, compliance, in-country support, immigration, visas, and more.

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  • Slovenia accompanies some of its European neighbours in being one of the most environmentally-friendly nations in the world
  • Wine is very popular in Slovenia, with the nation holding the 4th highest wine consumption per capita globally
  • Some of the most beautiful lakes in the world reside in Slovenia, with picturesque views of mountains and landscapes. The Lake Bled and Bohinj are two famous examples.

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Slovenia PEO Services

A growing economy in the heart of the Balkans

Working in Slovenia

Employment Information

Both employees and employers in Slovenia receive a similar range of benefits and obligations as they do in other countries in the European Union.

  • Holidays and sickness allowances are provided under Slovenian law, and may vary depending on an employee’s length of service and employment contract
  • Slovenia’s working hours generally take place between 08:00 till 16:00, on a Monday to Friday basis, however this varies depending on the industry in question
  • Parental leave and allowances are covered under Slovenian Employment Law


For individuals within the European Union, it is easy to get set up in Slovenia and a visa or residence permit is not required. For those outside of the European Union, Schengen visas are essential. Schengen visas allow an individual to enter Slovenia and the wider Schengen area for a designated period of time.

For individuals looking to stay in Slovenia long-term, application for a citizenship can be considered.


As a European economy, Slovenia has a progressive tax system, which depends on the employee’s gross salary. Taxes in Slovenia are relatively high on a global scale, however the country’s lower cost of living and public services outweigh the taxation, keeping it a destination of choice for expats.

  • Slovenia has a 22% VAT rate on the purchase of goods
  • Corporation Tax in Slovenia is 19%, competitive compared to many other European economies

Cultural Information

Slovenian is the primary language of Slovenia, however English is also widely spoken by the majority of people. Slovenia’s population of 2.1 million makes up some of the world’s friendliest people, and the country itself is one of the safest places globally.

Christianity is the main religion in Slovenia, primarily the Catholic Church, and other religions can also be found across the country.

Expanding into Slovenia

The process of expanding into Slovenia can be simplified further with the use of a Slovenia PEO like Gibson Watts Global. Our PEO service can also be used to sample the Slovenian market without the need of setting up a permanent establishment in country.

Impacts from COVID-19

Slovenian businesses, like many others around the world, have adopted remote working practices in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. For many industries, this change is set to continue throughout the country.

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