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  • Spain was the world’s first global empire, and its presence is still felt in much of South America. As a result of this, Spanish is the second most spoken native language worldwide
  • In Spain, it is considered good luck to eat 12 grapes at once to see in the New Year
  • Similar to Italian and French, Spanish is one of the Romance Languages, and derives from Vulgar Latin.

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SPAIN PEO Services

Relaxed culture, great cuisine, and unique history

With its high standard of living, incredible climate, and relatively affordable lifestyle, it’s no surprise that Spain is one of the world’s most popular destinations to immigrate. Spain enjoys a relaxed culture, great cuisine, and a unique history which is still prevalent in its cities and architecture. 

Spain’s culture is vast, from its Arabic-inspired customs across the Andalusian region to the more European-influenced areas of its central and Northern parts. When it comes to Spain, there is absolutely something for everybody to enjoy in this unique nation. 

As a part of the European Union, the Spanish market is easily accessible for expatriates and foreign businesses within the EU. For those outside of the EU, partnering with a Spain PEO provider like Gibson Watts Global can prove useful to expedite and simplify the process. 

Working in SPAIN

Employment Information

The maximum working time per week is 40 hours. Flexible working schedules can be arranged, but with a limit of 9 ordinary hours of work per day. 

Overtime cannot exceed 80 hours per year and should be paid at least 100% of the employee’s standard hourly rate. 

Paying Employees in Spain

For most employees, the minimum monthly wage in 2019 is €900 based on 14 payments per year. 

Bonuses may be paid; these may be either discretionary or contractual. Discretionary bonuses are at the employer’s discretion and are treated as salary, whereas contractual bonuses are part of salary and can only be modified with the employee’s consent. Terms and conditions are determined by the parties and must be included in the employment agreement to be enforced. 

Work-related expenses can be reimbursed, including travel expenses, except for home-to-workplace commuting expenses for which statutory allowances apply. 

After one year of continuous employment, employees are entitled to a minimum of 22 working days paid annual leave. Holiday entitlement usually cannot be replaced by payment in lieu, however this may vary according to the CBA (Collective Bargaining Agreement). 

Public Holidays in Spain

  • Jan 1 – New Year’s Day 
  • Jan 6 – Epiphany
  • Apr 19 – Good Friday 
  • May 1 – Labour Day 
  • Aug 15 – Assumption of Mary 
  • Oct 12 – Fiesta Nacional de España 
  • Nov 1 – All Saints Day 
  • Dec 6 – Constitution Day 
  • Dec 25 – Christmas Day 

Please note the above lists the national public holidays, additional regional holidays may also apply. 

Cultural Information

Both the Spanish mainland and the islands offer a variety of unique culture for visitors. Expats and tourists in Spain can generally expect friendliness from locals, and English speaking is fairly prevalent across the country.

Spanish is the official language in Spain, although other languages such as Galician, Catalan and Basque are also spoken throughout the nation. The primary religion in Spain is Catholicism, however Islamic, Hindu, and Jewish groups are found all through Spain.

Impacts from COVID-19

Spain was one of the first nations to be hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic, but the introduction of preventative measures quickly curbed the spread of the virus. As of 2022, Spain achieved high vaccination rates and is gradually moving towards normality again. Many businesses in Spain have chosen to continue remote working practices and offering flexible patterns to their employees.

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